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Rita Hovakimian is a Business Coach and Prosperity Mentor, helping thousands of entrepreneurs identify and achieve their professional goals for more than 20 years. Her practical business strategies combine with keen intuition to funnel energy and vision into a clear action plan. Rita understands the path to success involves our relationship with money and how we charge for our services correlates to our self-worth. Her approach is internal first, then external, fusing universal laws with inspired action.

She is a certified Professional Coach through New Ventures West with extensive training in the Enneagram system. Additional training includes four years of intuitive counseling with the Awakenings School at Bastyr University, masters-level certificates in Neurolinguistic Programing (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis through Christopher Howard Training in London, England. She has also studied with the best mentors in the field, applying these principles to her own life, as well as to the hundreds of people she’s coached over the years.

Her passion to help people create their own prosperous life shines through in her own business, where Rita guides clients into a relationship with money that is both powerful and harmonious. Negative beliefs often play a role in how we view money, so much of her work centers around identifying those beliefs and learning how to replace them with more empowering ones. This deep work lays the foundation for implementing practical tools and strategies she has developed over years of research. The goal is to shift from a scarcity mindset—that there is a finite amount of money, success, talent, etc.—to an abundant mindset where one experiences unlimited success and prosperity.

Rita offers one-on-one personalized coaching, works with small businesses and their staff and hosts transformative live events. You can also find her as an expert guest on radio shows and telesummits.

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Inspiring Success
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