To most people, the days when doctors made house calls seem like a quaint relic seen only in black and white movies. But with a recent surge in patient–centered practices dubbed concierge medicine, this ‘quaint relic’ may be the wave of the future. Enter The Village Doctor medical practice based out of Woodside.

Founded by Eric L. Weiss, MD, DTM&H, in 2004, The Village Doctor is based on the model of service that Dr. Weiss wanted his own family to receive. Imagine calling the doctor’s office and getting a same day appointment or having the doctor come right to your door when you have a sick child. These things are what Dr. Weiss envisioned and are entirely possible when your doctor cares for 250 patients as opposed to 2,500.

At The Village Doctor, a team of five physicians including Dr. Weiss, provides comprehensive medical care to discerning area residents who feel the health of their families should take precedence over the bureaucracy and ‘big business’ that insurance companies have become known for today. You may have only seen doctors make house calls in movies…until now.