Renowned for his timeless approach to contemporary style, interior designer Will Wick has quickly gathered a cult following. Between crafting luxurious San Francisco Bay Area estates at Wick Design, designing sumptuous spaces for the San Francisco Decorator Showcase, and curating a gorgeous collection of industrial European objects for his antiques showroom, Battersea, Will is sure to do so with his signature touch of California cool. Below we've taken a moment to ask him about his latest travels to Europe and the curiosities he's brought home with him. Enjoy!

GRAIL: What inspires you when buying for Battersea?
WW: Really it's whatever catches my eye. I don't follow a formula. I let my intuition dictate the finds and I compile cool stuff by trusting my aesthetic.

GRAIL: What inspires you when buying for clients?
WW: I'm buying to realize a vision that the client and I have come up with together. I get inspired by their excitement for the project. It's amazing to find a killer piece that will make the room happen.

GRAIL: When it comes to buying, do you have an idea of what you want or do you buy whatever catches your eye?
WW: My aesthetic dictates the decision, and I am never a slave to some prescribed idea. It's definitely more emotional than logical. And unfortunately, I do have a budget. :)

GRAIL: Where do you tend to find the most unexpected pieces?
WW: I find pieces at auctions, in basements, and dusty corners of random antique shops. I shop in Europe once or twice a year and always find unique things.

GRAIL: Is there a certain item you gravitate towards?
WW: Lighting. It's such an impactful element of a home. Lighting helps create romance, mood, energy and overall vibe.

GRAIL: What is the most memorable piece you've ever purchased?
WW: My wife and I spent New Years in Brazil a few years ago and had the pleasure of meeting Sergio Rodrigues--a master furniture designer from the '70s. A very memorable piece I purchased is one of his infamous sheriff chairs, which sits in our living room today.

GRAIL: Having traveled so much, how is Paris different from other cities?
WW: Paris is a feast for the eyes and the creative mind. There is opportunity for endless wandering...

GRAIL: What can't you travel without?
WW: My hot wife.

GRAIL: What is your favorite thing you've picked up on this trip?
WW: An incredible pair of pottery lamps designed by a French sculptor. They are 5-foot tall table or floor lamps--you can't even tell which--and they're amazing.

GRAIL: Do you prefer old or new items?
WW: Definitely old. I'm drawn to the history, the texture, and patina. I love clean, modern-feeling spaces, but not so much with modern furniture. I prefer layered yet simple and chic homes. 

Photos courtesy of Will Wick