Grail Magazine is an online lifestyle guide For luxury consumers.The businesses featured are a curated selection of lifestyle leaders and entrepreneurs - from world class architects to artisanal boutiques that share a common commitment to providing discerning individuals with exceptional services, experiences and products.



GRAIL was founded by attorney and entrepreneur Paula H. Bennett to curate a collection of trusted, authentic companies that would provide discerning consumers with exceptional service. Her goal: to take the idea of word-of-mouth recommendations and put them online. 


We vet, research, and interview all prospective business members. We meet potential members, learn about their clients, discuss their business practices, and check references. If they meet our ultimate standard – we would unreservedly recommend them to a good friend – we extend an invitation to join GRAIL.


GRAIL’s team includes a core management staff as well as a network of writers, editors, photographers, graphic designers, art directors, and consultants.

  • Paula H. Bennett, Founder

    Paula H. Bennett, Founder

    Paula H. Bennett is an entrepreneur, attorney, and mother of four boys. After practicing law for 20 years, she was lucky enough to find her passion in publishing and visual storytelling. As a fourth generation San Franciscan, she inherited a love of the northern California lifestyle and all it has to offer. When she’s not in a photoshoot with one of her clients, whom she calls “the creative geniuses,” Paula can be found playing tennis, riding horses, or cross-country skiing with her family in Lake Tahoe.

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